About LATE

Formed in 1947, LATE (the London Association for the Teaching of English) is a voluntary association of teachers of English and related subjects.

For more information on the early history of LATE and the campaigns in which LATE played a leading role, see Simon Gibbons’ excellent 2013 book. More recently, in the 1990s and into the present century, LATE was very active in running a national anti-SATS campaign.

This campaigning tradition is alive and well today: we work to defend and promote progressive and inclusive versions of English curriculum, pedagogy and assessment and to celebrate the work of English teachers and their students.

The LATE committee (approximately 10 colleagues) meets regularly to discuss current issues and concerns. Smaller groups meet to plan conferences designed to explore issues surrounding English teaching. These conferences provide workshops, keynote speakers and opportunities for English teachers to get together and share ideas.

We welcome support from colleagues in the London area, particularly student teachers and newly qualified teachers.

If you would like to become more involved, please come to one of our conferences or email us: late.teachers@gmail.com

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