Past Conferences

2022: Nightmares on the English corridor: perspectives on and approaches to teaching horror and the gothic in English and Media (BFI)

2020: Teaching the Writing Method
2020: Off the Page: Teaching Shakespeare through Production and Performance (Postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic)
2019: Digital Englishes (BFI)
2019: Whose English?
2019: We are our Stories
2018: Amplifying English (BFI)
2018: Active Approaches to teaching texts
2018: Becoming Our Own Experts: English teachers as researchers
2017: South Asia in the English Classroom (BFI)
2017: Incorrigibly plural …
2016: James Britton … Poetry … Race, representation and identity

Whose English? Whose Knowledge?

June 2019:

At a time when many departments are beginning to embark on gained time projects and evaluate their curriculum, the LATE committee felt it was important to support teachers in such work. Both keynotes came from the English and Media Centre; with Andrew McCallum speaking on ‘What Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework Means for English – A Critical Overview’ and Barbara Bleiman ending the day considering the significance of ‘Group Work and Big Picture Thinking in English’. A optimistic and positive ending to the day that considered the wealth of knowledge that students may bring to the process of reading a literary text.

Amplifying English

December 2018:

This conference was collaboration with @rapClassroom and BFI Education exploring HipHop pedagogies and how they can be used in the English classroom. Differing slightly from how they have been used in the USA, UK HipHop ed focuses on creativity, collaboration, community and voice to develop pedagogies for use in all classrooms, but particularly English, creative arts and the  humanities.

Find the programme HERE


Active Approaches to Teaching Text


In our final conference of the 2017/18 term LATE teachers shared active ways of engaging with literary texts. Our Key Note speaker was Maggie Pitfield of Goldsmiths University of London and our closing Plenary was from Laurie Bolger a performance poet from Bang Said The Gun.

Screenshot 2019-02-02 at 15.31.17


Becoming Our Own Experts: English teachers as researchers

LATE john.jpg

Key Note: John Yandell

Plenary Key Note Barbara Bleiman (English and Media Centre)

Take a look at the project she spoke about It’s Good To Talk, a self funded research project on group work- 

See the programme for more information on our wide ranging, classroom based research presentations.



South Asia in the English classroom

LATE BFI images
Imtiaz Dharker, Haider, The Good Immigrant

LATE/BFI conference, December 2017
LATE conference programme 1712

Imtiaz Dharker (audio file)

Incorrigibly Plural: a celebration of the life and work of Morlette Lindsay 

LATE conference programme1703

Students from Alexandra Park School Spoken Word club performed for us at the end of the conference.

Race, representation and identity in English classrooms
(10 December 2016)


James Britton: Language and Learning (12 March 2016)

An anthology of the writings of James Britton 

Poetry (18 June 2016)


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